Curved Beams

Curved Beams

Laminated timber offers many possibilities for design and performance. This is thanks to the laminating process (if done properly) that extends the qualities of the wood, allowing a wide variety of sizes, shapes and curves. Here are some cool projects showing what can be done.

All beams produced by OT Joiners hold the SABS mark of approval and therefore the company is audited unannounced any time of the year, this ensures that quality standards are always kept at the highest level.  The laminated beams also comply with the SANS 1460:2006 standards.

Curve beams (Saligna or Pine)

Curve beams are unique and project specific. Our innovative way of manufacturing curve beams give us the opportunity to manufacture them at the same tempo as straight beams.

Curve beams are manufactured in various thicknesses up to a maximum of 140 mm.

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Once the customer states what grade they require the beams are proof graded to the required grade, ensuring that the customer gets exactly what they require every time.